Amba war: How I wish the PM has the final say

The recent visit of the head of government and prime minister of Cameroon, Chief Dr. Joseph Dion Ngute to Bamenda is based on a peace mission admidst war.

From my observation covering the event live from day one of his visit, he has the good intention and the will.

He came to Bamenda on same mission like in Buea last month, where he evaluated the effectiveness of the implementation of the recommendations of the Major National Dialogue.

From what I observed ,the man is not a politician even though he has some political responsibility given to him on his mission. He is a diplomat , an academic and pragmatic administrator, who has been on a political mission to find peace.

He came to Bamenda with an open heart,ready to listen, to see, and to some level, feel the excruciating pains of the war the people are suffering.

*The question is : Can that mission, with all his honesty and sincerity ,bring peace?*

If I can remember, when the PM was in Buea last month, the minister Delegate at the presidency of the Republic in charge of defence, Joseph Beti Asomo, was in Bamenda boosting the morale of the soldiers with videos in social media showing military tanks rolling into the North West region, with some individuals in military attires saying and boasting it was for real war.

Take it or leave it, the security situation in Southern Cameroons has worsen as from the day of the Grand National Dialogue. A dialogue that was propagated as a panacea, with the special status as the icing on the cake to bring peace.

Even if all the recommendations of the national dialogue are implemented ,which are far from implementation, there is little guarantee that the conflict would end. The reason has been that the dialogue was perceived by nuetral and credible organisations like the European Union as not inclusive. Some cynics even said it was a " CPDM government monologue"

Despite his good intentions, his charisma and down-to- earth character, Chief Dr. Joseph Dion Ngute is not in a position to engage the process. It is president Paul Biya , Head of the armed forces who can effect the recommended process like he did with the Major National Dialogue.

We have seen delegates being granted audiences to by the PM in Bamenda, with many of the delegates comprising of CPDM supporters.

In every delegation from the various divisions of the region, that met the PM, 90% are from the ruling Party group.

How then these caliber of people can tell the truth to the PM?

I weep for Cameroon. If only DION NGUTE could have the final say after the consultations in Bamenda.

Akumbom Elvis Macarthy.



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