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Amba war: How I wish the PM has the final say

The recent visit of the head of government and prime minister of Cameroon, Chief Dr. Joseph Dion Ngute to Bamenda is based on a peace mission admidst war. From my observation covering the event live from day one of his visit, he has the good intention and the will. He came to Bamenda on same mission like in Buea last month, where he evaluated the effectiveness of the implementation of the recommendations of the Major National Dialogue. From what I observed ,the man is not a politician even though he has some political responsibility given to him on his mission. He is a diplomat , an academic and pragmatic administrator, who has been on a political mission to find peace. He came to Bamenda with an open heart,ready to listen, to see, and to some level, feel the excruciating pains of the war the people are suffering. *The question is : Can that mission, with all his honesty and sincerity ,bring peace?* If I can remember, when the PM was in Buea last month, the minister Delegate at the