Gunmen kills DUDU a "bouncer" in Bamenda

Fondly called Dudu, he worked at BINAM snack bar at carifour Nkwen Bamenda 3 sub division. He is from the West region of Cameroon, was killed and his body dropped at Mbessi junction mile 4 Nkwen on September 15th 2021 at about 6:30pm.

Dudu was taken by gun men a month ago from the snack bar where he works. Gun men stormed the bar and wanted to take the bar owner, the bar owner resisted and asked to better be killed than go with them.

The bar owner was hit on the head and he collapsed, then Dudu who was his chief security officer ( bouncer) at that time, was taken away.

Wednesday night, a source around mile 4 were his corpse was lying said, he was brought on a motor bike shot and dropped on the spot. Then a placard with inscription "Blackleg " placed on his body.

From the graphic image  of his on the grown at mile 4, he was dressed in a very clean dress, not even the dress he was putting on at the time he was taken away.

A source has confirmed to us that the corpse was carried to the Bamenda regional mortuary that same night by elements of Gendarmerie Brigade mile 4 Nkwen.

" I told Dudu to avoid all this connections with security men and the constant calling of military to intervene in issues concerning young men who had issues regarding guns" a friend to the deceased told makatinews as he wept.

The shooting to death of Dudu has caused trauma to the owner of the snack bar where he worked. The bar owner equally from the West region, has not been picking his calls given that numerous calls have been streaming into his cell phone.

The snack bar had on several occasions came under attack from gunmen with explosives and gunshots.
Another source said, the bar is targeted for selling drinks considered contraband drinks in the two Anglophone regions.

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