Anglophone crises: Residents of Sisia quarter loses cell phones to government forces

Cell phones belonging to some residents of sisia quarter in Nkwen, Bda 3 sub division are in possession of some security forces that stormed the neighborhood on Tuesday 28th September 2021.

According to sources around the area, an unknown quarter member was taking videos of the security elements as they carried out security checks in the quarter.

The forces discovered the action and the Filmer escaped.

With the frustration and unable to get the guy who was doing the filming, the elements embarked on the sizure of cell phones from everyone they saw around the area.

"We only heard government forces hitting our gates and asking everyone to bring out cell phones ,else we will regret. They were asking the person doing the video taping and we didn't know. The forces siezed our phones. They haven't given us back the phones." A victim told makatinews.

Makatinews is yet  to known if the phones have been given back to the owners or not.


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