Former Ambazonian activist, Dr. Santos Nguh termed impostor by John Ngu Foncha's family.

The family of former Prime minister of Southern Cameroons, Dr John Ngu Foncha has issued a disclaimer on one Dr. Santos Nicholas Nguh who is campaigning for the post of section president of the CPDM in the United States of America.

The family of Dr John Ngu Foncha says ,Dr Santos is an impostor and he is not the grand son of the Foncha's family as he is claiming.

The family has threatened legal actions against Dr. Santos Nicholas Nguh if he continues with the pronouncement that he is the grand son of Dr. John Ngu Foncha.

In a disclaimer which makatinews has a copy, Barrister Valentine Ngu on behalf of the Foncha's family has requested Dr. Santos Nicholas Nguh to cease and desist from making any filial claims.

Dr.Santos was one time member of the self declared Ambazonian Interim government( IG ),who later abandoned the struggle because of power mongering and failure to be in charge.

He is now campaigning to be section president of USA CPDM. He has been campaigning for one Cameroon, a position he was against when he was with the Ambazonian IG.

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