Fobi Vincent Sama's whereabout still unknown.*

Gun men who have  been giving sleepless nights to the population of Bamenda especially those of Bamenda 3, have intensified their activities in the city, four days after the military said , it killed five leaders of alleged separatists who are responsible for the kidnappings and intimations in the city.

In an operation Saturday night August 21st 2021 at Ghana street,  ten heavily armed men picked up one Fobi Vincent Sama, nephew to Hon Chinda Fobi Simon, former MP for Bamenda-Bali.

At the time of the incident, Fobi Sama was beside Nfuh house at Ghana street where he went to purchase an item from a shop.

It would appear the armed men had been monitoring him all day and had to settle on him that evening. His car was taken along with him.

By Sunday evening, no information had filtered as to his whereabout being known.

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