Joe Chebonkeng, like his predecessor Peter Essoka to the North West; journalists will be sactioned.

The President of the National communication council, Joe Chebonkeng kalabubse has emphasized that, the national communication council will not hesitate to sanction Journalists who fail to respect the Norms of the profession.

He was speaking in Bamenda Tuesday August 24th of August 2021 during a working session with press men and women of the Northwest region.

He urged Journalists to use the social media not as a source, but to share a tip of information, because citizen journalism is on the rise which is causing misinformation,disinformation and the propagation of hate speech.

Joe chebongkeng reiterated that fact checking and balancing reports will go a long way to place Journalists on a save side, since they are in the midst of the ongoing socio political crises.
The working session gave press men and women the opportunity, to express their worries to the President of the national communication council.

"Why Journalists can't be placed under one umbrella, and why the Communication Council is noted for sanctioning instead of organizing training sessions?", raised by Ndi Tsembom Elvis, the president of Camasej Northwest.

Responding, the President of the national communication council said their primary role is to regulate not to train, even though they are working on organizing training sessions. he clearly stated that, journalists are suppose to bring them selves together under one umbrella.

Joe chebonkeng said the press is an important component of the society and reflects what the society is.

His predecessor Peter Essoka while in the same mission in the North West at the initials of the crisis,had warned and threatened journalists never to ever report on federation or any issue on form of state.

Years after, the situation has changed as media organs in Cameroon are beginning to face the reality regarding the crisis in English Cameroon.

Lemzemo Lakelle in Bamenda.

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