Bamenda III Mayor prescribes football as panacea to stress.

Fonguh Cletus Tanwi, Mayor of Bamenda III Council ,Mezam division of the North West region has prescribed sports and leisure as a means of weeding out stress and fatigue in a crisis situation.

He was speaking August 8th, during a football communion  between his council and friends of the municipality

A football match  pitting the veterans of the council and Veterans of St Paul animated the show at St Paul's college football field in Nkwen.This according to the mayor was aimed at  putting away stress and warding off a mindset of the abductions, gunshots, and other unusual happenings that have befallen  Bamenda and the North West region as a whole.

The results of the football encounter according to the organisers was a successful communion which the municipal magistrate qualified as a teaching lesson for many to emulate.

"At a time like this,we need each other in a bid to preach peace, celebrate and advocate for love and harmony,"Mayor Fonguh prescribed.

He advised participants,fans and the public to stay away from violence and as well prevent themselves from the ravaging Covid-19 pandemic.

"Football is a game that brings peace and carries minds off stress and has no tribal limits", said a council worker who took part in the football communion.
However many onlookers wondered why the council decided to organize a football encounter with veterans instead of the youths of the municipality.

" know the Covid-19 preventive measures and the state of affairs we are faced with.You know the risks involveYoud.That is why I said it is to relief stress",responded the mayor.

Manace Vushiwoh


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