Bamenda: Gunmen shatter legs of a young man.

The inhabitants of round-devoux quarter in Bamemda 2 sub division,mezam division was surprised to witness a scene so terrifying on Wednesday 11th of August 2021.

Inhabitants told makatinews that, gunmen on a motorbike brought a young man, pulled him down ,then fired gun shots on his legs,then abandoned him and left.

The population is said to have come for his rescue and took him to the hospital. The young man had pleaded with the crowd to take him but to gendarmerie brigade.

Other sources revealed to makatinews that, the young man was brought and shot on legs by alleged separatists fighters. Reasons being that he is accused of working with the security forces to point bases of amba fighters.

" next time we woh kill you,repent blackleg" ,a source narrated how the shooters exclaimed before leaving the scene. 

The city of Bamenda for the past week has witnessed series of killings and kidnappings. 

80% of those who are being picked up are those selling brasserie drinks. Seperatists had put a ban on all Brasserie products in the Northwest region. 

Photo credit: Kimbi Cliford.


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