Anglophone crisis: Bambui-Fundong road blocks; governor's call for circulation falls on deaf ears.

The Bambui -Fundong stretch of road for two weeks now has not been passable despite an appeal from North West governor for circulation.

The situation has left many people frustrated as they are forced to trek long distances before getting to their destinations.

Patients are unable to get access to medical facilities in Mbingo Baptist hospital in Boyo division and in Tubah district hospital for those in Babanki..

Talking to makatinews, Mr Awah Cletus, a passenger narrated a sad experience he witnessed on the way as he trekked i Belo in Boyo division to Bambui in Mezam.

" _I saw patients who were being pushed in trucks, in a bid to get them to the hospital in Bambui from Big Babanki." He said.

" How can the governor tell the world that the road has been opened, when the same administrators of the region cannot ply that stretch of road? "
Mr Awah regretted the fact that the administration of the region are not helping in any way to seek a solution to the road blocks, giving that not even the barricade is the problem, but the order from separatists banning the movement of vehicles from the road.

Old, young and kids have been trekking from Bambui to Belo and Fundong. Meanwhile park drivers in Bambui have embarked on pushing truck.

Makatinews was told that, the minimum cost of pushing a logage in a truck from Bambui to Big Babanki is 5000frs and to Belo is 10000 to 15000frs.

By Tuesday August 17th 2021, few bikes had been allowed to ply the roads. But the ban on vehicles remain.

The governor of the North West region , Adolf Lele Lafrique had on August 14th while assessing the road after the barricades were cleared by security forces, appealed to the population and transporters to resume circulation.

The appeal as so far fallen on deaf ears. The transporters and population are questioning the security nature of the stretch of road and how can that be guaranteed.

The stretch of road was blocked since August 4th 2021, after elements of the Gendarmerie brigade in Tubah arrested some drivers accusing them for collaborating with separatist fighters.

It is alleged that the drivers use to give money "settle " to the fighters on the highway, just like they do to government forces.

In retaliation, the fighters ordered the ban on the movement of vehicles, demanding the release of the drivers.

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