Amba war :Fake Amba boy, picked up by Amba fighters in Bamenda

Reports from Ngongham neighborhood in Bamenda 2, says three young men passing for amba fighters were picked up by alleged amba fighters over the weekend of August 7th 2021.

The three we learned have been terrorising the city, kidnapping for ransom and asking people for support. A resident of Ngongham quarter revealed to makatynews that, news about the fake boys got to the ears of the real amba fighters and they stormed the area where the young men were living, shot two of them and took one with them.

A video has also gone viral in which one of the guys taken by the amba fighters ,is heard confessing and revealing how they have been collecting cell phones and millions from people in the city of Bamenda in the name of the struggle. What happened to the young man after the video is not known, but those interrogating him, had said, that was his last day on earth.

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